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Applying for IST Membership: my personal experience
Following receipt of my MIScT Diploma of Membership I though I would write a post about how I found the process.

Finding the membership application process and documentation was really straightforward.  I navigated to the IST membership webpages, where I found everything I needed to apply.

I downloaded the word version of the membership application form so that I could work on it at my PC (this avoided anyone trying to read my handwritten hieroglyphs...).  

The application form was clearly set up to collect:
  • Personal details: Name, Date of Birth, Address etc.
  • Details of present post.
  • Previous employment history.
  • Qualifications.
  • Courses and other relevant Details. I utilised the data held in our HR training record, and other training events to help populate this section.
  • Referee.
In the 'Details of Present Post" section there is a box for you to write "Details of practical work undertaken in the year prior to application".  I found completing this section to be a highly valuable, reflective, experience.  It gave me the opportunity to think back on all my achievements and note them down - I was actually quite surprised to see how much I had achieved over the past 12 months.  Luckily I had been keeping track of my projects, tasks and work so this did help me to complete this section.  I also found looking back through my MS Outlook calendar reminded me of things I could add to this section too.  

I have decided to start, and maintain, a Personal and Professional Development (PPD) log/journal to help me keep track of my achievements and enable me to look at what value I got from attending training or a course, what skills I acquired, and how I can utilise these my new skills/knowledge to the benefit of my team and the wider institution.  This will no doubt be invaluable for any renewal of my membership or professional registration application.

Once I submitted my membership application to the IST they reviewed my application and informed me of the membership grade that best suited my qualifications and experience.  The diploma and a glossy copy of the latest IST journal arrived at my home address once my application and membership fee was processed.

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