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Professional Registration for Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)
It may be more appropriate for Mechanical Engineers to become members, and subsequently professionally registered with, the Institute of Mechanical Engineering.

I have tried to sum up the application process and make applying for membership as easy as I possibly can.

Professional registration gives you:
  • The chance to benchmark your skills against a global standard.
  • Recognition of your experience and better career prospects.
  • Transferability of your skills to other roles or organisations.
  • Improved job satisfaction and ongoing development.
  • Other membership benefits can be found here.
The application process

Note: all apprentices should skip steps 1 and 2 and go straight to sept 3, and apply for a FREE affiliate membership.

1.  Use the route to membership tool to find out which professional registration level is right for you.

2.  Check your academic qualifications.  List of Academic requirements.

3.  Complete the relevant application form (the blue "apply online" button is near the bottom of each page):
  • CEng 
  • IEng 
  • EngTech 
  • Affiliate.  Apprentices can apply for affiliate membership FREE.  (click on the blue "apply for apprentice membership" button near the bottom of the page at the link)
4. In addition, for CEng and IEng you will need to:
  • Get support from 2 sponsors.
  • Submit your application by applying online Links at the bottom of the following guidance pages.
  • Professional review interview.  The interviewers will focus on your most recent and relevant experience. They will make their judgements based solely on the information provided on your application and your performance during the interview.  The interview will take approximately 45 minutes.
Good luck in your applications.

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