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TechNet Procurement session- presentation and feedback
I thought it was a really interesting and informative session! Thanks Steph and all of TechNet.

When speaking to some colleagues, they mentioned to me that on the SAP system it would be useful to have an area to comment on suppliers, a bit like how you can give feedback and "comment" on Ebay!

Also, some people who went to the session felt that because they where not technicians, they felt like they where 'sneaking in'. It may be important to make it clear for future sessions that the TechNet sessions and workshops are for Technicians but also for everyone in the university - because new collaborations and many minds make effective partnerships! What do others think?

From collating all the responses that each of the groups did, it was evident that everyone found that the Procurement team are really helpful and efficient and that a few more resources and visual aids would be useful for training purposes on the different systems, like myPurchase and SAP. The collated information will be posted in the next few days.

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