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Festival of the Mind
Hi all!

Next year the university will be again holding the 'Festival of the Mind' which is basically a showcase event for our research to the public. I have been part of the programme for the last two years showing off the work I do with zebrafish and chick embryos and it is very well received by staff, students and the citizens of Sheffield! Check out the link below!

They are currently offering to fund a number of projects and I thought this would be a great opportunity for some of us to come up with some ideas and 'Bring them to Life'. 

I'm really passionate about Public engagement and think it would be great if we could showcase what we do as technicians and support staff. I believe that playing a role in this would be a great CPD activity too. I don't mind helping to organise something with others but it would be good to get ideas off everyone and maybe take something off the ground, so that we can apply for the funding!

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