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Dangerous Goods training for packing infectious materials/dry ice
Hi all, 

This one is for University of Sheffield techs - if anyone would be interested in doing this training course, could they please contact Natalie Kennerley on (ideally before the end of tomorrow, the 10th of May - apologies for the short notice!)

Carriage of Biological Substances & Dry Ice (delivered by Peter East Associates)

A course outline is attached.

"Peter East Associates are internationally recognised as a leading provider of Dangerous Goods Training and Consultancy Services with a large global client base in all sectors of activity.  They are experienced in delivering specialised training in the package and transport of biological materials to a number of higher education institutions around the UK including the Universities of Bristol, Leeds, York, Manchester and Oxford."

This is aimed at Departmental Biosafety Officers and anyone else that would find it useful. 


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Lizzy Gifford

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