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Google Docs
Does anyone know if it is possible to create a link/button on google sheets that would send an email to a group list or an individual email?

I have created a rota for tissue culture and I have managed to get it to send reminders on certain dates. I was wondering though if anyone here was a google docs expert and knew whether I could create a button someone could click that would, for example send a pre-written email to the person on the rota for that month.

For example. The IMS has ran out. A user notices and instead of having to type up an email to someone (if they cannot be found in person), they could simply click a button that said (IMS running low) and an automated email would then go out to whoever was on the rota at that time, saving them the time of typing one out.

If this cannot be done, no problem but I thought it would be worth asking and not wasting more of my time trying to figure it out



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