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Have you seen this new UoS technicians feature?
Hi everyone, 

Have you seen this great new feature from the University of Sheffield?

"Back in November we put a call out asking for stories about how technicians make things happen and we received some great case studies from colleagues across the University.

We've put all of these stories together into a staff feature page which you can find at:

Each case study has its own web link so you can easily find and share individual stories.

This week we will be sharing content on Twitter via @sheffunistaff and encourage you to retweet and post your own stories and observations.

Also this week, John-Paul Ashton, Research Technician and Network Coordinator in Biomedical Science, is taking over @shefunilife, tweeting about his life at the University. Please give him a big welcome.

This project is in support of the national campaign technicians make it happen, showcasing how technicians are vital to society; and the commitment of colleagues in Technical Development and Modernisation to ensure recognition and development of the University's technical workforce.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a case study; we've really enjoyed putting this feature together and hope you enjoy reading and sharing the stories."
Lizzy Gifford

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