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What's the difference between a technician and a technical instructor? HE blog post
An interesting and long running topic? I am more research focussed than teaching focussed but have done plenty of informal one to one and small group teaching over the years. I do prefer to educate and explain to students and visitors why I do what I do and how to trouble shoot when things go wrong, and where to go for more information and support. I do this because I love being in research.

Technical instructor? I have not come across that phrase. Here we have Teaching Technicians. Pay for technicians is definitely not the best, but I balance that against longevity of career (nearly 30 years!) and good family support when I have needed it. Gaining respect has, at times, come harder than one would like, but I recommend persevering. Most people can be won round eventually.  

Would it be nice to get a bit more recognition and support for technical staff in general - yes. (My current situation is very good, just thinking back over the years it's been patchy). However in the current climate I'm not holding my breath. The structure for the academics is also pretty cut throat at times, so that pressure all too quickly cascades down to us. Maybe the whole set up in the round needs a revisit?

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