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#ActualLivingTechnician - tweet on 31st of May
Hi everyone!

Gatsby, the organisation running the Technicians make it happen campaign would like to get technicians tweeting  on the 31st of May (to coincide with the HE technicians summit) using the hastag #ActualLivingTechnician. 

 "After the success of #ActualLivingScientist in opening up the real work of scientists to the public, we now believe it is time for everyone to understand all the amazing things technicians make happen.
We’ll be inviting all technicians to tweet a photograph of yourself at work, with a small description of who you are and what you do, along with our hashtag #ActualLivingTechnician. Scientist and engineers, and any other colleagues of technicians, we also invite you to share photographs of the technicians you work with, to emphasise just how integral they are to the work of so many industries."

Looking forward to seeing lots of #ActualLivingTechnician tweets! 

Best wishes, 
Lizzy Gifford

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#ActualLivingTechnician - tweet on 31st of May - by E.Gifford - 05-24-2017, 02:40 PM

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