Full Version: IST Registration Mentors Wanted
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(11-05-2015, 11:30 PM)Daniela Farina Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Jonathan,

I just wanted to point you to a potential problem with the mentoring scheme in Penryn Campus. You said that mentors need to have a professional qualification themselves. I can be mistaken, but I think we only have one senior technician with the qualification, however we have in the range of 5 people participating in the pilot programme. What is your take on that situation?

Thank you. All best,

Dear Daniela,
The mentoring of staff through the professional registration process works best if the mentor has completed the process themselves.  We have a number of staff who have professional registration through other professional bodies, licensed by the science council, which we can use to mentor our members through this process.  However, we are also looking to network with other institutions, such as Sheffield, to find willing mentors to help us with this process (we can then reciprocate).
There are in fact 14 technical staff that have agreed to participate in our pilot scheme, from all 3 of our campuses.  You will not need to be in the same geographical location as your mentor for this process.
Once the staff on the pilot scheme have completed their registration process, they can then act as mentors for other staff who wish to apply.  That way they can help to champion the value of professional registration among our technical staff and encourage other (perhaps external) stakeholders to invest in professional registration too.

Kind Regards,

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